On the 20th of March. Major maintenance will be carried out ready for the Gold standard that will be released on the 21st of March. Not only that, we want to try out Melodyy O on project Smartphone and see if it will work with all 3 at the same time, Smartphone, Melodyy and Melodyy Gold.

If you do not know what the Gold standard is yet, head over to gold.melodyy.xyz for more information.

On the day of maintenance, the following will be done.

  1. Setup of Melodyy Gold with Melodyy O.
  2. Melodyy Website Changes and Melodyy Gold website changes.
  3. Setup use of Melodyy api for Melodyy Gold to Discordapp

Once done, we will try and attempt the following;

  • Setup Melodyy Status page 2.0

On the day of maintenance, Melodyy may not go down, however, please do not expect Melodyy to be running its best or up at all during maintenance.

Maintenance is expected to be at least an hour long, from then it can last up to 3 hours. We will let you know on the progress in our Discord server